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Spree - Outfit Feedback in 60s


Spree lets you post your outfit and get advice from real fashion lovers in seconds, for free! Find inspiration for new looks too while giving other Spree members advice on their outfits!GETTING ADVICE IS EASY* Pose & snap a full-body selfie (or upload from your camera or social media)* Tap your face (*)* #Tag your photo* Post it!* Tap the Maroon Button to see your comments, thumbs, & scores after 60 seconds
FINDING INSPIRATION IS EVEN EASIER* See an outfit you think looks great? Favorite it* Find someone on Spree or a #tag you love? Follow them* Want to see the top looks in all of Spree? Swipe right to go to your Stream
GIVING ADVICE IS FAST & FUN* Swipe left to see what clothes others are wearing* Check out their outfit* Tap a Reaction emoji* Leave comments & Thumbs (optional)* 'Tap to continue' to keep going!
CHECK US OUT (we’ll be posting top outfits weekly!)* Facebook:* Instagram:* Pinterest:* Our Website:
(*) To keep ratings fair, nobody will see your face until they rate your outfit.(**) A phone number is required to prevent spam (don’t worry, we’ll keep that secret).(**) Want to get your advice, but stay anonymous? When signing up just set the anonymous slider to on & your face will always stay hidden. You won't even need to enter a username to sign up!(**) Spree, its logo, & "fashion advice in seconds" are trademarks of Get Spree LLC.